Take a Virtual Tour of our Restaurant Janitorial Supplies

Keeping a well-stocked janitorial supply is critical to the success of any business. That’s why we offer affordable janitor supplies that range from simple paper towels to high-grade floor cleaning chemicals, giving you the products that you need to keep every part of your business looking great and health code compliant.

Aside from chemicals and disposables, our janitor supply selection also includes equipment like carpet shampooers and floor scrubbers that are designed to give a thorough cleaning with a visible shine. Vacuum cleaners, fire extinguishers, and even light bulbs round out our stock of janitorial supplies so you can choose the products that are right for you.

Throughout our janitorial supply categories, you can also find a number of trash cans and recycling bins that are perfect for collecting refuse throughout the day. There are also janitor supplies like soap, paper towels, and baby changing stations to make your restrooms clean and comfortable for customers.

We also stock items for your employees like anti fatigue floor mats to reduce the stress of standing during the day. Other janitorial supplies for your floors include switchboard mats, entrance mats, and even drainage floor tiles to give you the most comfortable and convenient flooring options available.