Take a Virtual Tour of our Commercial Restaurant Cutlery

Your restaurant cutlery says a lot about the quality of your food service establishment. Commercial cutlery is among the most specialized food prep tools you’ll find in any kitchen, so having the kitchen knives for the right job is a hallmark in any professional kitchen. We carry a wide selection of commercial restaurant kitchen cutlery!

We have all shapes and sizes, including Asian cutlery, boning and fillet knives, bread and sandwich spreaders, butcher knives, chef cutlery, cleavers, and even handy kits for garnishing, sanitation, sharpening, and storage.

With so many different products like knives, shears, forks, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your bakery, restaurant, or buffet. Commercial Kitchen cutlery is universal, and every foodservice business has a need for a reliable blade throughout the day. You can even find simple spreaders so you can prepare your most popular sandwiches.